"I found coaching sessions with Lise to be a powerful balance between Yin and Yang energies. :) She has a gentle Presence that holds the space for your own Inner Wisdom to come through while at the same time, she also gives you loving support, reminders and resources when you need that extra push or drive to achieve your goals. I love her integrative approach which really helped me find my Inner Fire back - that of nurturing body, heart, mind and soul"

- Diana Jean, Coach and Facilitator, Philippines


"I began coaching sessions with Lise during a period I was enacting a major career change and simultaneously doing my first major entrepreneurial venture. Lise was an invaluable sounding board for my ideas, frustrations, dreams and insecurities and helped me process all of these emotions and thoughts to understand more about myself and assist to make the right decisions to undertake the changes in my life in a considered and deliberate fashion"

- Tim, Entrepreneur, Australia and China


"Lise is openminded and has a positive attitude to things. She is always very respectful and has an unprejudiced approach to all things. She is very engaged and prepared when we meet. I felt both comfortable and valued in her company. She poses all the right questions. She is always having a plan. She is great and very talented, and I will always give her my best recommendations"

- Jeanette, Cancer Nurse, Denmark


"I had the chance to observe Lise coaching and to be coached by her as well. She has a high respect for others and is fully present for her clients. I admire the authenticity and the space she offers to others. She is truly a compassionate coach and would bring a valuable support to any person searching for meaning and belonging"

- Delphine, Coach & Leadership Developer, France

"Working with Lise has been an amazing experience and journey.  She is a great attentive listener with a holistic approach and a very positive attitude. With a sufficient amount of both challenge and support she has helped me to identify focus areas in my life and supported me to navigate and make the changes to re-empower myself. Today I feel inspired and highly motivated to continue working with all of the given tools. I am forever grateful. Thank you Lise"

- Tina, Nurse & Entrepreneur, Denmark and Singapore 

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