I support professionals and organisations who wish to transform and grow. Faced with personal or organisational change I coach and consult individuals, groups and organisations for clarity, development and purpose.


Coaching for Leadership and Personal Development

When residing in a leadership position we sometimes question our role and how we take it up, asking: Can I be a more efficient and inspirational leader? How do I build relationships and a stronger climate of trust in my team? Can I get more fulfilment in my work and in my life? How to take the next step towards greater impact?

I create a safe reflective space from where new perspective can be explored and practiced resulting in:

  • Greater self-awareness and new ways of showing up

  • Leverage of personal and leadership strengths in support of excellence and meaning

  • Enhanced leadership, coaching and mentoring skills


Consulting for Organisational Change

Many organisations struggle to make real and sustainable change happen. In leading organizational change we often ask: How to achieve greater success in key change projects? How to overcome resistance in the organisation arising from uncertainty and ambiguity? How to secure commitment and get all stakeholders to embrace the change?


In consulting for change, I facilitate innovative discussions and processes resulting in:

  • Leading sustainable organisational change with higher impact

  • Business development with creativity and courage

  • Greater results of change initiatives

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